Product and Line Optimisation

Fibre Savings

High homogeneity in cross direction is achieved by using the twinflow infeed of the MultiFeed Card feeder whereby fibre entry in opposing directions creates a doubling effect. A belt weigher guarantees a high feeding precision in the longitudinal direction. A uniform weight profile in both directions after needling results from using the CV1 system installed at the crosslapper infeed. The ProfiLine CV1 system compensates thick edge in the following needling process. A high web uniformity results in considerable fibre savings.


Flow Optimisation

The lap drafter VST reduces the web mass after the crosslapper and to some extent reorientates fibres in the web more in machine direction. Using a VST increases card capacity by allowing higher card web weights at lower crosslapper speeds.


Fibre Reorientation

The VE drafter situated after preneedling changes the fibre orientation into longitudinal direction which results in a more balanced tensile ratio in the final felt. 

Control of Area Weight

The automatic and contact-free measurement of area weight in cross and machine directions using beta or X-rays is now state of the art in quality control and also important for automatic process control.