Finish Needling

One-Sided Needling

Usually finish needling is carried out in several stages on one side from either top or bottom in high capacity needle looms of the DI-LOOM OD-II and DI-LOOM UD-II model series with high stroke frequencies and high needle densities.


Two-Sided Needling

Finish needling from both sides in one machine is normally carried out by double needle looms of the DI-LOOM OU or OUG model series, operating either in alternate or simultaneous needling modes.



Finish needling with elliptical needle beam kinematics (Hyperpunch) is chosen when a high throughput speed is essential. For this application we offer the DI-LOOM HV model series with adjustable horizontal stroke or the HSC model series with a fixed horizontal stroke determined by process requirement and a maximum web throughput speed of up to 150 m/min.



In addition to the elliptical needle beam movement, we offer machines with a circular needle beam movement (Cyclopunch) working with equal horizontal and vertical stroke length. These machines are designed for needling lightweight felts at low draft and high throughput speeds.