Batt Feeding Systems

The conventional CBF or CBF-T system is the standard universal solution for an almost draft-free batt feeding. Another design, the ZBS system using belts directly into the needling zone is for special applications such as needling glass or mineral fibres.


Preneedle Looms

Needle looms with one needle beam and a CBF system are typical for preneedling and assure almost draft-free web transport. The use of CBF also allows looms with additional beams to be used as pre and finish needleloom in one machine.

Preneedle Loom OD-IP

The model series OD-I P has been designed for large working widths up to 16 m and is used for preneedling web rolls in the production of papermachine felts.




The elliptical needle beam kinematics further reduces draft within the needle loom due to less speed differential between needle and felt.