Universal Cards


Standard universal card with 2 (SC) or 4 (SSC) worker/stripper pairs in the breast section and 5 worker/stripper pairs on the main cylinder. High reliability and capacity for a wide range of fibre types, length and fineness.


Standard universal card for a wide range of different fibre types and fineness with a total of 8 worker/stripper pairs, large doffer diameters and excellent maintenance characteristics. Minimum cleaning due to optimum fibre suction.  Fast removal of all card components allows easy access to all working areas. 


DeltaCard CC

The DeltaCard has a double transfer system between breast section and main cylinder. This increases fibre blending significantly and makes DeltaCard most suitable for the homogeneous fibre blends required in floor coverings and the automotive industry.

Double Card

Special carding system for the papermachine felt industry with maximum blending capacity and web homogeneity with a total of 10 worker/stripper pairs, mainly used as a set with intermediate crosslapper.