Air Systems + Sound Control

Suction Cleaning

Fibre dust is generated at all opening and cleaning stages and is removed by suction boxes into the air system to avoid dust build up inside machinery and externally in the workplace. The transport air is fed to an automatic filter system where the long fibres are recycled and the dust is removed.


Filtration + Dedusting

In numerous process steps of the production line, fibre suction takes place to reduce cleaning, examples are the worker-doffer suction system or the main cylinder suction system in the card. Long staple are filtered and recycled.



Natural and chemical fibres are more easily processed if a humidified atmosphere exists during opening or within the card. This is called direct climatization. The humid air also dissipates heat and avoids drying out of the fibres.


Sound Insulation

Exhaust and transport fans and needling machines generate high sound levels and pressures which can be eliminated from the operator environment and reduced to within regularory limits by a suitable enclosure.